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Hello all, Sorry for the long delay in writing it has been one thing right after an another that has kept me away from writing. Not the least of which is that we had no internet for 4 days last week when I was hoping to get this going. However, Pune is as always an […]

Fellow teachers and aspiring fellow teachers, I have decided to make this year a bit different from the past years. There will be four teacher training weekends this year. You are welcome to attend all four. All of them will cover up to Jr. II but there will be a weekend in May devoted just […]

Dear Friends, I hope that you will all get a chance to check out my new website. Omega is coming up soon and so is the Joy of Teaching. Omega is a really fun week of doing yoga, pranayama and philosophy in a beautiful tranquil setting. If you haven’t come or if you haven’t come […]