Teacher Training – winter/spring 2011


Fellow teachers and aspiring fellow teachers,

I have decided to make this year a bit different from the past years.

There will be four teacher training weekends this year. You are welcome to attend all four.

All of them will cover up to Jr. II but there will be a weekend in May devoted just to the needs of Jr. Intermediate levels I and II.

The dates are:

February 11 – 13, 2011
March 11-13
May 20 – 22 –  Jr. Intermediate teacher training
June 3-5

The cost for 3 classes is still $850 and you can choose the ones that you want to attend.

The cost for all four is  $999.00

The cost for individual weekends is $350

In addition to what we usually cover we will be spending more time learning hands on corrections at all levels.

Please note that I will be doing a four day teacher training in La Mesa, CA with Gloria Goldberg  May 12 to 15.  If you do both you will have done 7 days just on the jr. Intermediate levels.


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