Greetings from Joan


Dear Friends,

I hope that you will all get a chance to check out my new website.

Omega is coming up soon and so is the Joy of Teaching. Omega is a really fun week of doing yoga, pranayama and philosophy in a beautiful tranquil setting. If you haven’t come or if you haven’t come in a while, come for this year and experience all the changes on the campus. For more information check the website under workshops.

The Joy of Teaching is for people who are interested in improving their teaching skills at all levels. It is especially useful for those going up either this year or next for certification. There are more details under workshops.

While on the subject of workshops I am doing a very special workshop the last weekend in August at Kripalu. It is based on finding the spiritual in the physical practice of yoga but it includes insights on the meaning of spirituality. In addition to our physical practice we explore various texts on how they express the idea of spirituality. For those who only have time for a weekend this is a great opportunity and it is right across the street from Tanglewood so you could combine your trip with a concert on Saturday night or Sunday afternoon. Again for more information check the website under workshops.

There are two new books which just came out on yoga that maybe of interest to you. One is by Geeta Iyengar and two other authors on Yoga and Pregnancy and the other is on Yoga and Osteoporosis. Both of these books can be found under references on the website.

Make sure to check the practice sequences if you are either a beginner or an ongoing student looking for some sequences to practice. You can also use the information you will find there to construct you own home practice. I am excited about this new feature and will be adding more sequences from time to time.



One Response to “Greetings from Joan”

  1. 1 Suzie


    Great new look on the website! I’ve always visited your website to locate where you are in the world.


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